A Road Map For Action On Health Care Spending And Value: Part I – Administrative Waste And Inefficiencies (Forbes)

FORBES | This is the first in a four-part series on the Health Affairs Council on Health Care Spending and Value’s newly released report, “A Road Map for Action.” Each piece will detail one of the four priority areas within the report, which provides recommendations on how the U.S. can take a more deliberate approach to moderating health care spending growth while maximizing value.

On February 3rd, the Health Affairs Council on Health Care Spending and Value released its report, “A Road Map for Action.” It’s the culmination of four years of study, debate, and collaboration between 21 experts in the healthcare field, each representing diverse sectors of the industry. Our goal was to take a nonpartisan, evidence-based approach to understanding our nation’s growing health care spending, the value we get from that spending, and to make recommendations on how we can maximize value while slowing spending growth.

I served as co-chair of this effort, along with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg. When we first embarked on this journey in January of 2019, we knew it would be a difficult challenge – reining in health care spending has been a stated goal of policymakers for decades, with little to show for it. Yet our task became even more complex with the upheavals in health brought on by the pandemic, and by the needed spotlight on inequities in all aspects of American life – including health care – that was raised by George Floyd’s tragic murder. As the world around us shifted, we worked to adjust, and extended our Council work by a year. We released our report this month, the product of four years of research and collaboration.

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