Ebola Doctor and Survivor Ian Crozier Advocates Global Awareness and Treatment (Hope Through Healing Hands)

HOPE THROUGH HEALING HANDS BLOG | On Tuesday, March 31, Hope Through Healing Hands had the honor of hosting Dr. Ian Crozier, an Ebola physician and survivor at an event with Siloam Family Health Center. I had the privilege of talking with Ian as he shared his experiences with the packed auditorium. His message is one that deserves a wide audience.

Ian Crozier trained as a physician at Vanderbilt, specializing in infectious diseases. He was living in Uganda treating HIV patients when he was deployed by the World Health Organization to serve in an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) at Kenema General Hospital in Sierra Leone. His time there was brief; he worked just a few weeks before he contracted Ebola and was evacuated to Emory University in Atlanta. But his firsthand experiences are rich with lessons for infectious disease research, global health, and each one of us.

Ian’s story has been chronicled by the New York Times, and although I’m tempted to retell it—because it is so powerful—I want to focus on the challenges he laid out for us.

His is a dual citizenship, Dr. Crozier said: both Ebola physician and Ebola patient, caregiver and sufferer, crusader and survivor. His mission, now, is to raise awareness about the ongoing epidemic and the state of global health in Africa and beyond.

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