Has Childhood Obesity Become A National Security Threat? (Forbes)

FORBES | As a physician and lawmaker, I have long argued that federal global health aid improves America’s standing in the world and makes us safer by steadying unstable nations. Countries with healthy workforces have improved economic outputs, stronger family units, and are less likely to become havens for terrorists.  But what many may not realize is that the health of our population here at home also impacts our national security.  

Earlier this fall, Mission: Readiness, a group of 750 retired generals and admirals, published a new report, titled Unhealthy and Unprepared, showing that obesity is now a leading reason why 71% of young Americans are ineligible to serve in the military. This alarming trend, coupled with a decreasing number of young people interested in military service, means that our military soon may be unable to find enough recruits to protect American interests at home and abroad. And it’s already having an impact, with obesity rates cited as a major reason why the Army was not on track to meet its annual recruitment goals as of September 2018.

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