I’m Helping Found A National Health Care Movement. Let Me Tell You Why (Forbes)

FORBES | Today the United States health care system is very sick.  We have been debating health care policy fixes in America for decades but much of that time our public discussion has focused on unattainable all-or-nothing solutions. Such is the case today. With each side focused solely on their partisan version of the “cure,” we’ve lost focus on the patient. We no longer talk about health care in terms of real Americans’ daily lives, and instead approach the issue as a litmus test of a politician’s fidelity to political party and party warfare. Meanwhile, too many Americans continue to get sick without ready access to quality care. The medical bills are exorbitant, threatening financial ruin for too many families.

A new national dialogue on health care should reflect this reality: health care is personal, it’s tangible, it’s human. It’s an issue that deserves solutions, not slogans.

That’s why a diverse group of American leaders passionate and knowledgeable about health care policy, including me, are joining together to launch a new national movement. We’re calling it United States of Care, and its mission is to find those fine points on which a majority of Americans agree, to support policy solutions to address those points on a state-government level, and to educate the public on areas of health care policy that can be murky or misunderstood.

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