What We Have Lost In Social Connections, We Can Gain In Nature (Forbes)

FORBES | What We Have Lost In Social Connections, We Can Gain In Nature

The coronavirus pandemic has stolen much from us: the company of our friends, the variety of our daily activity, the color of our social occasions, and—for too many—the stability of our livelihoods. It thrusts us into physical distancing, imposed isolation, and loneliness.

But one unexpected good fortune this crisis brings forth is the dramatic unveiling of nature as a powerful healer when isolation must be transiently the norm. Nature is the antidote to loneliness, the counter to dis-connectedness, and the haven beyond the confines of our homes. The springtime abounds with life and regeneration. What we have so painfully but dutifully (and temporarily) lost in our human social connections, we can gain in constructive solitude and wellbeing by purposefully wandering into the wonderment of the outdoors and nature.

I’m blessed that I am able to work from home and pack in a highly structured, much more efficient and more productive schedule than I had anticipated: full days of conference calls and writing and podcast generation. But my wife Tracy and I, like everyone else, are forcibly isolated from family and friends. The insidious stress slowly builds and the mind unpredictably plays confusing tricks.

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