Meeting With GE Foundation in Cambodia

I had a wonderful meeting today in Pnom Penh with Dararith Lim, health executive for General Electric who oversees the GE Healthymagination initiative for the underserved in Cambodia. I have been on the advisory board for the Healthymagination initiative for the past couple of years, exploring the opportunities that American technology, initiative, and business can change the health landscape around the world. Dararith updated me on Healthymagination and the tremendous efforts that are being made in three phases to hospitals, urban and rural, which are serving the underserved across the country. Imaging equipment and monitors coupled with introduction to quality and training is a perfect example of what Healthymagination efforts are about. It is a nice marriage of GE exec Bob Corcoran’s work with the GE Foundation reaching out to improve the care for the poor by educating and inspiring Cambodian doctors.

GE Foundation has donated several million dollars’ worth of ultrasound, monitors, ventilators, etc. to a wide range of hospitals throughout the country. The Ministry of Health Secretary has asked the group to serve as an advisor in the creation of a public-private partnership relationship.”