It’s National Health Care Decisions Day: Who will you designate?

End-of-life planning is an important part of healthcare. It’s a refrain I’ve been repeating. I’ve called for changes in care models, payment schemes, and physician education. But all of the needed changes aren’t at the system level. There are steps that every individual must take as well.

Along with Gary Dodd, a palliative care nurse with years of experience, I’m at Fox News this morning talking about a conversation you can have to take to take control of your end-of-life care.

We know that at least 90% percent of Americans have heard of a living will, but still only about one third have one. Even among nursing home residents, only 65% have some type of Advanced Care planning documentation. This is not news in the health care community, but if we want to change these numbers we have to ask “why?”

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