Mitch McConnell: The 100 Most Influential People of 2023 (Time)

TIME | Mitch McConnell this year became the longest-serving Senate leader of either party in history—and for a reason. He leads exceptionally, every two years overwhelmingly affirmed by his colleagues. My perspective is colored by the four years he served as whip when I was leader. Every day I saw his style: leadership with clarity, uncanny command of persuasion, and unwavering conviction, anchored in Republican principles. His mastery of Senate rules is legendary, and his transformation of the federal judiciary is widely known, but what most might not see is his willingness to negotiate and achieve a greater good by working with the “other side.” In the past year, he led bipartisan efforts to find and secure funding for the war in Ukraine, and President Biden told him the massive bipartisan infrastructure law of 2021 “wouldn’t have happened without your hand.” Mitch knows when and how to cut a deal.

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