Tennessee’s Confirmed COVID Cases – A Daily Analysis (April 25, 2020)

Every day, the Tennessee Department of Health releases figures tracking the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each county and statewide.  In an effort to raise awareness about these figures and understand how our changes in behavior – including business closures, school closures, and sheltering in place for non-essential workers – are impacting infection rates, NashvilleHealth is sharing daily tracking updates and insights based on Department of Health data.  We are also incorporating the latest daily figures for Davidson County from Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s office.

Here is the latest state-level data as of 3pm CT on April 25th.  Tennessee confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 5% for a total of 9,189.  Hospitalizations are now at 821, and fatalities rose to 178.

As today is Saturday, there are no media updates from Governor Lee or Mayor Cooper.

End of week update: Average cases per day statewide increased by 47% at 347 cases per day. Total tests for the week were 50,820 which is more than double any other week in comparison. Hospitalizations per total cases is slowly dropping at a total of 9% of total cases.

Data acquired from the Tennessee Department of Health Website, analyzed by Sajid Khan, SVP at Change Healthcare and a NashvilleHealth board member.

Data acquired from Mayor John Cooper and the Davidson County Department of Health via the daily Covid-19 update.