Why Tennessee should join 35 other states in adopting a historic tax credit (Tennessean)

THE TENNESSEAN | Earlier this week, Gov. Bill Lee made the commendable decision to direct all state agencies to find ways to improve how they serve rural Tennessee regions.

“My administration will place a high emphasis on the development and success of our rural areas,” Governor Lee said in announcing his first executive order. 

I strongly support our Governor’s committed focus, and have given thought to opportunities to move our rural towns, main streets, and downtowns forward.

What are some of the ways we can stimulate wage growth for some of our most vulnerable, improve the well-being of all our citizens, and pass along a better Tennessee to future generations?  One proven way lies with harnessing our heritage.

Incentives for historic preservation not only protect culturally significant buildings for the next generation, but also stimulate economic growth in our communities.

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