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Confirming Brett Kavanaugh Twelve Years Ago And His Prospects Today (Forbes)

July 11, 2018 by Bill Frist

FORBES | Brett Kavanaugh will make a terrific Supreme Court Justice, and I know from firsthand experience. Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a photo of me with Kavanaugh taken over 12 years ago when then-Majority Whip Mitch McConnell and I spearheaded his Senate confirmation. Seeing that photo brought me back to my time as…

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Opinion: An Open Health Diplomacy Hand Works Better Than a Fist (Roll Call)

July 9, 2018 by Bill Frist

ROLL CALL | Recent headlines have been filled with stories and images of parents being separated from their children by the U.S. government. This is not what our country represents. In fact, 15 years ago, we enacted the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, to do quite the opposite, and the program has gone…

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