Domestic Health Reform

I approach health, and healing, and health reform through the prism of my own experiences: being a doctor, growing up with a dad and brothers who are doctors, actively practicing medicine, even working for a while in a socialized medical system in England.

I’ve spent countless hours in a laboratory conducting clinical research, and even more time writing hundreds of peer reviewed papers. I’ve performed surgery in the United States, Sudan, England, Mozambique, Haiti and Uganda. As a United States Senator for twelve years, I tackled the hardest healthcare policy issues: disparities in care, gaps in healthcare coverage, value-driven care, and various physician payment models.

I don’t have all of the answers on health issues and health reform, but I do know that things must change. Innovations in palliative care, end-of-life care, chronic disease, and personalized medicine are changing  medicine and the what it means to be a patient.

We have more power than ever before to effect change—for our own care, and all Americans’ quality of life—ensuring that we are healthier, happier and more energized.