Real Conversations on Population

With WK “Big Kenny” Alphin and Dr. Randy Wykoff, I am launching #Conversation2015, a look at the opportunities we have to make dramatic changes through compassion and caring. Read the introduction to the project here and the overview of population here. Then join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook: #Conversation2015

Almost all of the problems of the world today either stem from, or are worsened by, overcrowding. In October, 2011, the world’s population passed the 7 billion mark. And this has happened quickly. There are twice as many people on the earth today since the end of the Baby Boom.

We value life and want to prolong and enhance it, but given the issues previously discussed, the reality of population growth is something we cannot continue to ignore. A scientific and compassionate approach to education around and provision of acceptable birth control methods has never been a greater imperative. We need to move past the political barriers in the area to do what needs to be done.