70 Years Ago America Led The Largest Humanitarian Airlift In History: Today Would We Do The Same? (Forbes)

FORBES | In June of 1948 there was a crisis in Berlin. The Soviet Union—one of four countries tasked with redeveloping Germany after its World War II loss—set up a blockade around the capital city. By cutting off food, water, electricity, and other supplies, the Soviets expected to take over a starved Berlin and expand Soviet reach.

The Allies wouldn’t care, the Soviets reasoned. The United Kingdom, France, and the United States, the other countries committed to redeveloping Germany, certainly wouldn’t go to any trouble for the Germans trapped in West Berlin. Those countries had their own rebuilding to do. While they were busy elsewhere, the Soviets expected to push out the Allies’ presence and erase the dot of democracy.

But they were wrong.

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