Consumer Still Feeling The Pinch: The Next Big Health Care Debate (Forbes)

FORBES | News headlines have touted a moderation in the rise of health care costs since the economic slowdown and passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But as I have traveled the country and met with health care professionals and consumers, those receiving the care have not felt any reduction in cost. In fact, many have experienced the opposite. Why are those most in need of a price break not receiving it?

While the ACA has reduced our uninsured population (latest estimates put the uninsured rate at 9.2%), it has facilitated the growth of the under-insured. An employer benefits survey released last week by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and the Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) confirmed that employers are increasingly shifting health insurance costs to employees in the form of higher premiums and deductibles. This shift has occurred for two key reasons.

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