No. 1 killer of Nashville women may surprise you (The Tennessean)

THE TENNESSEAN | If you were asked to name the No. 1 cause of death in women in Davidson County, what would you say?

Some might suggest cancer, or perhaps Alzheimer’s. But the truth is that our number one “lady killer” is a condition that many consider a man’s disease.  And what’s even more striking is that its early symptoms can go unnoticed for years.

Cardiovascular disease kills one out of every three women in the United States. In Davidson County, it is women’s number one killer. For every one woman who dies of breast cancer, more than eight die from heart disease and stroke.

And even more are at risk: 22 percent of adults smoke; nearly one-third are obese; one in four are physically inactive; and more than 33  percent report having high blood pressure.

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