Tennessee’s Confirmed COVID-19 Cases – A Weekly Analysis (Week of May 10th, 2020)

Every day, the Tennessee Department of Health releases figures tracking the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each county and statewide.  As our state begins to reopen businesses, restaurants, and lift restrictions on stay at home orders, the statistics for infection rates are vitally important. NashvilleHealth is sharing weekly tracking updates and insights based on Department of Health data.  We are also incorporating the latest figures for Davidson County from Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s office.

  • For the week of May 10, 2020 – There were a total of 2,520 new cases. Comparing to the week of May 3rd, the average cases/day are 20% higher. This could be correlated to the relaxation of restrictions concerning the virus from the previous week. For example, Davidson county is keeping more restrictions in place than other counties and the average cases/day rate dropped while Other TN Counties rose.
    • Davidson County – had a total of 514 new cases which is 12% less than last week
    • Williamson County – 30 new cases which is 36% more than last week
    • Other TN Counties – 1,976 cases which is 32% less than last week
  • There were 53 fatalities which is 61% higher than last week.
  • Hospitalizations average 22/day with a total of 155 for the week
  • Testing for this week has increased compared to last week by 20%

Data acquired from the Tennessee Department of Health Website, analyzed by Sajid Khan, SVP at Change Healthcare and a NashvilleHealth board member.