Real Conversations: You and Me

With WK “Big Kenny” Alphin and Dr. Randy Wykoff, I am launching #Conversation2015, a look at the opportunities we have to make dramatic changes through compassion and caring. Read the introduction to the project here, the overview of you and me here, and the conclusion. Then join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook: #Conversation2015

At the end of the day, everything on our list comes down to a simple question that we all have to ask ourselves: Do we care enough about each other – the health of our nation and our world – to commit to making a difference? Do we believe that compassion for those less fortunate is, or is not, a fundamental part of who we are as a people?

It can be argued that compassion once defined who we are as Americans. You can, if you wish, define it in terms of religious faith. You can call it social justice. Or you can simply describe it as true patriotism. But no matter how you define it, let’s start with a return to a fundamental and basic principle—that we care. We care enough about each other to not let children die because they can’t have access to a basic medication. That women and girls anywhere should not be put at risk simply to find safe drinking water. That we care enough to not allow our fellow citizens to die young because they are poor. That we care enough to make a commitment to protect our environment as the future home of our children and their children—even if it means less economic benefit can be derived from it.

I’m looking forward to 2015 as we dig deeper into these issues. Merry Christmas!